Lose up to 20% more weight by eating the same but tweaking one small thing ... what is it?

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:23 October 2017 

You could be eating the right thing but just at the wrong time and as a result your scales are tipping the wrong way! Confused? Yes but this is exciting research. 

A recent study showed its not just what you eat but when you eat can be more important. Obviously if you're getting stuck into the Big Macs and junk foods this won't apply but if you're on a healthy path by tweaking the time you eat can have massive effects on your weight loss or gain for that matter!

The researchers broke participants into the two groups. The first group ate their breakfast and last meal within 10 hours so if they had their breakfast at 8am their last meal was no later than 6pm, and the other group ate over a 15 hour period.

Both groups ate the same amount of calories however the early time restricted eaters (those who ate over 10 hours v 15 hours) lost more weight, and also improved their blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels whereas just the opposite happened with the late eaters who actually gained weight.

So why is this?  Well a 2015 study found that an evening meal raises people‚Äôs blood sugar levels by up to 17 percent more than does an identical meal eaten in the morning. You also digest much more food earlier in the day than at night. This is why the saying "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner likje a pauper" really is true. The more calories you consume earlier in the day and the less amount of hours in total you eat for allows the body to breakdown and digest better which leads to better weight loss over time.