Josh took the first step and hasn't looked back.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:25 July 2017 

Hi, my name is Josh.
I started the man shake at the end of April, since starting it I have lost 12 kilos.
What I like about the man shake is it actually fills you up, a lot of other shakes and similar products claim to do the
same however when I have used these I have ended up having cravings and ended up binge eating.
I have also attempted a lot of other diets that just aren't sustainable.
The man shake tastes great, fills you up and is so easy. I leave a bag at the office so during crazy days at work I never have to worry about sorting anything to eat while I'm on the go.
The best thing about the man shake is I don't even feel like I'm dieting so it's not a battle every day, I truly look forward to drinking the coffee flavour.
It's definitely a product I'm glad I discovered and can't thank you guys enough.
Regards Josh