Stewart lost 41kg and has never looked back

Author: adam Macdougall   Date Posted:20 March 2018 

Stewart Anstis 26

Wodonga, Victoria

41kg lost 6 & a half months


I started the Manshake as i was tired of feeling lethargic all the time and my back was giving me problems, aside from the health issues with being heavier.

Started having issues just trying to tie up my shoes and decided enough was enough.


I wanted to lose roughly what i have, around 90kg body weight was my goal and now being 92.5 im right at that

I feel amazing now, have gotten back into soccer which i havent played in over 7 years, stamina and general energy levels are like they were when i was a teenager.


I now realise being healthy is important as i want to be able to do things with my wife & friends not just today but for the future aswell.

The manshake is extremely easy to use & is one of the reasons i tried it, as a small business owner i usually don't have alot of time to have breakfast or lunch & would occasionally skip a meal if i was to busy.

But the manshake takes less then a couple minutes and i can get back into the work.