Tim had nothing to lose except 19kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:22 January 2018 

Hi Guys, My name is Tim i'm 25 from Patterson Lakes, Victoria

Back at the start of 2017 i was a whopping 93 Kgs.

Now for a short 5.5 guy like me, thats noticable.

Before the man shake i managed to get down to 86-87 kg, but the weight didnt want to drop off any more.

So in September whilst shopping in my local IGA i stumbled across your man shake range.

I thought to myself "Why not give this a go. What have you got to lose."

And Lose is what i have done.

So as of September when i started your shake i was 86-87 kg. Now I'm weighing in at 68 - 69 kg and feel great.

Down side is i need a whole new wardrobe, but it gives me an excuse to buy new clothes ☺.