Turning 30, Jason Had A Choice To Either Keep Gaining Weight, Or Do Something About It.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:23 May 2019 

Jason, 30, Nelson Bay

How I Got Here

I've always been 'bigger', even during my school years. I'd always enjoyed junk food and takeaway, and when you're young you don't really think of what it actually is doing to your body. I began to notice that, as my weight crept up, so too did the number of times my asthma would play up until it became a part of my daily life.

I got to a point when I was nearing my 30th where my clothes were getting tighter and I had to either start buying the next size up or I could take control of my weight and start making my clothes fit a lot better.

They say that once you hit 30 it starts going downhill and I refused to let myself believe that my 20s, even being overweight, was going to be "as good as it gets", and I was only going to keep gaining weight so I had to do something about it.



Getting Start

I had heard The Man Shake advertised on the radio for a few years and I was in denial about needing to diet so I never paid much attention, but as my weight was creeping up I seemed to notice the signage and radio ads more often and thought it must be a "sign" for me to give it a go.

I had only half-heartedly tried dieting before, but had never tried any shakes and honestly thought they were more of a "gimmick" than anything else.

Since starting The Man Shake, I found it works without sacrificing every little treat you enjoy. It's honestly a very easy transition and made dieting so easy for me. I use to have Weetbix and milk for breakfast so I swapped that out for a Man Shake and I have just 1 piece of fruit at smoko. I then have a healthy salad sandwich with lean meat for lunch, an afternoon shake to do me until dinner, and then a small healthy dinner. 


Thanks to The Man Shake, I have lost 31kg.

The biggest difference since starting is that I have a lot more energy now. Day to day tasks don't knock the breath out of me anymore, and old injuries no longer continue to be an issue.

My biggest roadblock was my mindset. Being in denial about my weight for so long, when I first started I thought everyone would be judging me for doing it. The most I got "judged" was a joke or two from the boys, but once I got used to everyone knowing I started to relax a bit more and opened up about my weight loss.

Since I started on the shakes, 2 of my close friends started the lady shakes with great results, and just recently my older sister and mother have both started on the shakes too and they're all seeing results. 


If Someone Is Out There Thinking Of Starting, What Would You Say To Them?

The hardest part is taking the first step. Once you get in the mindset of wanting to change, just don't let anything stop you.

"There will be days where you have set back, we all have had them, just wake up new the next day and get back on the horse."

The more you keep striving to make it work, the easier it will get and soon the days where you have setbacks will be further and further apart. I still occasionally have setbacks - and I've been using the shakes for over 6 months - but I don't let that deter me, I just start fresh again the next day.