Date Posted:3 May 2017 

"I started using the man shake in January this year (2017). Wish I had of found it a long time ago. As a self employed motor mechanic, I spent all day every day on my feet and constantly moving, so controlling my weight wasn't really a major issue."

"When I sold up and started my new Job, I am still very busy, but as I teach Apprentice mechanics now, I am somewhat less active and spend lots of time in the car driving from job to job, and sitting discussing things with the learners and there bosses."

"I noticed that my weight slowly started to increase over a 5 year period and it was a lot harder to control. After trying other known brands of shake with little to no success, I stumbled across The MAN Shake.
I thought I would give it a go, I read the info sheet, and took that important 1st step of starting the program."
"I noticed straight away that The MAN shake was thicker than others, it made me feel fuller and the taste of this stuff is great, very accurate. It suits my very hectic lifestyle as I make up a shake for Breakfast, and lunch, I can have it whilst travelling to and from jobs and it makes it easy to get a healthy start to the day."
"It has also helped to change my mindset as to snacks and portions, I pack a few pieces of fruit with my 2 man shakes with plenty of water and my lunch box is complete."
"I have lost almost 15 kg to date ( a little over 4 months) using The Man shake so far, and have found it to be the best product on the market. I highly recommend it to any one struggling to control weight, or just want to make a change."
Terry is an inspiration to anyone looking to change their lives for the better and not only lose weight but feel better on the inside as well. And how great does he look! Well done mate.