Ted changed his lifestyle to save his marriage

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:22 November 2017 

 Ted's story is simple.  
I simply had to change my lifestyle habits to save my marriage! No biggie (NOT). 

 I was always ok with my weight. I took up triathlons when I gave up smoking in my early thirties & have done three iron mans since. ( never over 70kgs & as low as 60 kgs when training) but work and (bad) lifestyle changes led me to reach a tick over 80kgs!

 No coincidence it leads to problems in my marriage.  

Not because she didn't love who I was anymore, she was more worried about losing me early. 38 v 51 go figure!! 

I hope you can open the photo & appreciate the way the kayak sits in the water in the before & after shots!
 18kgs down and happy as.....
Have kept it off too!
Boys It hurts at first but jeez you feel awesome when done and the food is all stuff You'll love anyway!
 What Are You Waiting For? 

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