Steve lost 28kg and found his confidence again.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:5 April 2018 

Steven Stojanovski, Geelong VIC, 39.

28kg lost in 4 months.


I started the man shake because I was sick of being lethargic and not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I actually started the manshake a while back but did commit 100% at this time.

All I did was shakes and eat well no exercise so I didn't break my bad habits of sitting on the couch after work and munching on potato chips.

And one thing led to another and what I lost I gained back approx 10kg first time.

But my breaking point was seeing a picture of myself at my best mates suit fitting that we did when his fiance at the time said to me how sad I looked.

So the next day it was on 110% full steam ahead.

Walking everyday start with 20-30 minutes a day sometimes mornings sometimes nights.


To building up to 1-1.5hour hours and really enjoying the fresh air. Also helped a lot with my lower back as I run a car detailing business and am forever bending over polishing cleaning cars.


I've never liked the gym so dusted off the cobwebs off the mountain bike I had bought the year before and started to mix things up and on alternate days ride for 30-60 minutes.

But I got too quick and fast for bike racks and trails I had to move up to road bikes. An atm I can ride 80-100kms in one morning.


So it has transformed me from a couch potato to a cycling and walking machine with all the extra energy I have now. How much weight did you want to lose?

At the start I was happy to lose about 20-25 but why stop there if you feel strong, fit, mentally fresh and want a great body.


My mood has changed I am positive energetic and want to try new things.


Being healthy for me is mind and body, both were lacking because of my diet and because I was inactive after work.

Now I feel I have a new lease of life slowly confidence is building and being that I was a bigger guy I didn't want to go out and be seen and now I'm happy to and being a single guy I wasn't putting my best foot forward but now I can say that's not true.


The Man Shake is super easy and convenient.


It takes a few minutes literally, I started just with plain flavors then started to add half a banana some berries some almonds teaspoon of coffee its the bomb.