Stephen lost 25kg thanks to his families support!

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:30 January 2019 

Stephen Forrest, ACT

How I got here.

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease, affecting my metabolism among other things. I had been prescribed a pill a day for life with no other options for recovery. 10 years, 30kg gained and a lumbar spine injury later I started to learn about treating autoimmune disease with dietary changes and was inspired by other people's success stories of reduced symptoms, weight loss and in some cases remission of their condition. 

Just over 4 months ago I decided to take gluten out of my diet with the encouragement and support of my wife and our three boys. I was overwhelmed by trying to balance family life, work, and strict meal prep. Having tried the Man Shake a few years earlier with good results, I decided to give it a go again to get a head start on my journey.


Getting The Right Tools.

The Man Shake range is gluten-free and allowed me to develop healthy habits outside of worrying about what to eat every day. Between my shakes and bars, I ate plenty of healthy snacks and my wife was my greatest support in making sure we had a healthy gluten-free dinner every night. I introduced light exercise into my daily routine for the first time in almost 5 years since injuring my back with x3 bulging discs and I was on my way to a new me.

For the first 10 weeks or so I had a Man Shake for breakfast and lunch, a Man Bar for morning tea, almonds or Greek yogurt for afternoon tea and meat with salad and/or veggies with brown rice, a starchy carb or quinoa for dinner.

I leave early for work so the convenience of making a shake on the way out the door removed any excuses to either skip breaky or get something trashy to eat during the commute. By the time lunch hits, I grab my shake and leave the office for a minimum 30 min walk to keep the momentum going and set myself up for success through the 3 pm slump.

Having a full, nutritious meal for dinner caps off the efforts of the day and my thinking changed from craving heavy greasy dinners to genuinely being excited for a variety of fresh healthy ingredients on the dinner plate. My wife and I would jazz it up on the weekends and make healthy versions of the comfort foods like lettuce cup Taco's/burgers and low carb home made pizza. The kids enjoyed the meals as much as we did and simply just ate what we ate without the fuss people might commonly expect.

I fit it into my day, one day at a time, and every day it became easier to make healthy choices and be encouraged as I started to see results pretty quickly.


I'm 4 months into my journey and 25kg down from 95kg to 70kg. 

The Road Ahead.

I've met my nutritional and weight loss goals and wake up every day fired up to take another step forward with my new goals of fitness, muscle growth, and spine health. In February I'll be taking on the Man Challenge to get out of my comfort zone and prove to my self that I can do it.

I couldn't do this without my family and hope to be as much support to my wife's health journey on the Lady Shake as she has been to me. To date, she's worked so hard, lost 20kg and counting, all while running a house and raising three boys. We want to be an example to our kids and be the best versions of ourselves for them and for each other. 

It really worked for me and continues to. Knowing how much better I felt, and the belief in myself that I developed, I recommend it to anybody that will listen. And to be honest, if the subject of health comes up, people ask me 'what's the secret?' - I tell them any combination of diet and exercise have done consistently will get you results, but this is what worked for me and it might work for you too. 

In my experience so far the results speak for themselves and often people just see me drinking my shakes every day and ask where to get it as they've seen me change week in week out.

Now or never!
I let myself get progressively more and more overweight, unhealthy and disconnected and it took taking a risk against a fear of failure, bad habits and lack of self-esteem to put a foot down and take one step in the right direction every day. It's daunting to start something with no guarantee of success but "if not now, then when?". 

The Man Shake helped me get the head start I needed while developing healthy habits and a new sense of self-worth which are values I'll continue to carry for life. I love this product, and although my weight loss goals have been achieved, I continue to use the shakes and bars as a part of a balanced diet as I work towards new fitness and lifestyle goals.

I tell people, grab one weeks supply - if you do it by the book for at least one week you'll see for self that it tastes great, you feel full and it's easy to incorporate into whatever your routine is. Thanks, Adam and Belinda!