Shaun wanted to be a good example for his kids and lost 24kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:3 September 2018 


Shaun O'mara - 53 

Total weight loss - 24kg


I have been completing the Man Challenges and using the Man Shakes since 2015. When I first started I was 116kg and over the next year, I lost 24kg dropping down to 92kg. 

I started to put on the weight when I probably a year after I discharged from the Army due to a work and a sedentary lifestyle. I got myself active a few times and improved my fitness but quickly put the weight back on through poor eating habits and lack of effective exercising.

The defining moment for me was just after my 50th birthday in July of 2015 and realized I was well and truly over-weight and need to do something as my clothes were getting tighter and my breathing getting louder on simple walks.

The main reason I for losing the weight was so I could be there for my kids and be a good example of being healthy. This has paid off with my children seeing what I have done and they see and understand what it takes to keep healthy.


During that first year, I was having two shakes a day, breakfast and dinner and I would have a steak chicken or fish and salad/vegetables for lunches.
I have tried other forms of shakes before and there was some success but taking those shakes was not sustainable as I would get hungry between shakes whilst even having fruit for snacks and then I would binge eat. The thing is with the Man Shake it does sustain you between meals and with some fruit or nuts as snacks, it easily keeps me going.
Now that I've lost the weight it's great to be active again and to fit into clothes that are actually fitting and not clothes that look like you are wearing a tent.
I never really had a roadblock once I decided I wanted to lose the weight I bought the shakes and started then I started the Man Challenge bought the Man Plan book, must have read that 5 times now. I have never looked back. Every now and then you fall over have a big weekend but just start again Monday and you are back to your weight in no time.
If any guys were thinking about changing Start today, work hard, stay disciplined and you will see the results and they will change your life and especially your outlook on life.