See how easy it was for Craig to drop 12kg

Author: Adam MAcdougall   Date Posted:9 March 2018 

  Meet Craig  


Hey guys I'm Craig forrest 47 year old from Mallabula and i lost 12kg in 3 months.

i started the shakes because i was unhealthy and had high blood pressure.


I started because i have 2 young kids and i wanted to be around to watch them grow up.


My father died at 52 of a heart attack and my mum died of a massive stroke, i wanted to lose about 15kg.

I feel heaps better now my blood pressure is normal & being healthy is important to me i wanted to set an example to my kids and show them i could lose the weight.


 I find it so easy to use i dont have to rush around before work to have breakfast where a lot of the time i

skip breakfast  and buy some fast food on the way to work.

Now i have a shake for breakfast and lunch tin of tuna

and fruit for morning tea and fruit for afternoon tea and a healthy dinner.