Sean uses The Man Shake because it has everything he needs at a great price

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:3 August 2018 

My name is Sean Mclean, and this is my story. 

As a 25-year veteran and personal trainer, I have a profound education in exercise and nutrition science; this is why I am the last person you would have thought that needed help with his health. 

After spending most of my life as a fitness fanatic and athlete, I sadly ended up fracturing my neck in a training mishap (back in 2013). To any ordinary bloke, this would have ended any aspirations of still being able to train and function normally. But to me, I took it upon myself as a challenge, to claw myself back into peak physical condition. 

Fast forward two years, and with a ton of rehab and a mountain of strength training under my belt, you would think I would look like a greek adonis. Uhuh no no .... why? 

In my haste to become super strong from my accident, I began to hyper-focus on my strength ability and not look after my health. Because I wasn't looking after my nutrition needs (you think I would know better) my weight ballooned from my standard 80kg to the mid 90's... and believe you me, it wasn't muscle.  

Not long after my weight started to become a noticeable issue, I became an expectant father and husband to be. Well, talk about more motivation. This not only gave me a new outlook on my fitness but a healthier one. 
From here you might think everything would turn out well ... again uhuh no-no. 

As always, just when you think you have life by the short and curlies, it turns the tables and puts you in a headlock. Again in my haste to do the right thing and become a healthier dad and husband, I quickly realised that being a father to a newborn, a business owner and a part-time house husband for a wife doing a PhD. I quickly learned that my life and fitness regimen had to be simplified. 

Enter The Man Shake.

When I first started my health and weight loss endeavours, I applied my extensive knowledge in nutrition by placing my caloric needs into a negative energy balance (1st law of thermogenesis) with plenty of whole foods that were rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Not long after our first $400 grocery bill, I knew I had to simplify my meals by looking at a possible supplement or meal replacement. 

Either that or divorce. 

I must have spent at least three months searching high and low for a suitable and viable answer to my supplementation issue. All the while, my godsend (The Man Shake) was right in front of my face. What I thought was just for old beer loving fat blokes wanting to lose weight, turned out to be a cost-effective, staple meal replacement that had an array of nutrients that kept me energised, satiated and able to maintain a calorie deficit. 

As you would expect, with any diet that is a cognitive deficit, within months my weight began to plummet. All my mates at the gym started to notice and were amazed at not only my weight loss but how very little time I was training (I too share Adam's philosophy upon 10-15 minutes a day, albeit at a scientifically quantified amount for my age and body type). It wasn't before long; people started to ask questions, not only about my training but also my diet and supplementation program. 

At first, I used to lie and shy away from answering, for fear of being ridiculed for not consuming the latest thermogenic aid and gold standard whey isolate. But after telling some of my peers, I was amazed at how they just nodded in acknowledgement or just smiled and said: "good to see you have done your research." 

Again fast forward to the present, a majority of my clientele, who have no clinical or psychology issues with food is now on The Man or Lady Shakes and bars. Why, well, for the same reasons I did, they are a viable meal supplementation that is nutritious, delicious and can help you lose the gut without losing the beers. 

Want to get shredded and still get everything you need to stay healthy? The Man Shake