Author: Adam   Date Posted:11 April 2017 

"I think the point that started me down this path was getting on some special scales, and seeing 200kg... That day I decided enough was enough. I thought you won't live much longer, and the quality of life is basically shit house."

"The Man Shake site and the stories shared were key to me trying the shake in the first place, once I found the right mindset, everything fell into place. I'm really only just over halfway, but the results so far keep me motivated to run the whole race."

"December 18, start again. I had a few bags of the man shake left over from a previously uninspired attempt, so starting there with that meal for breakfast, away I went. The key is just giving up the bad stuff, the soft drink, the chocolate, the energy drinks, the takeaway food. It sounds like giving up everything good, but it's not... It's surprising after 2 weeks of bulk sugar, how much different things taste, and how much better you feel. You give up junk food and gain a new life."

"I drank the shake day 1, Dec 18 at 200kg, and set myself a goal to drop 1kg a week, give myself 2 years to get back to a comfortable 100kg by the time I was 50. As the days went by, the energy I had increased, the stamina picked up, I started walking every 2nd day, trying to increase my steps from around 3000 a day to 5000. The more I did, the easier it got, to the point where I walk every day, and target 10000 steps a day as a minimum. It's been 15 weeks now, my target was to drop 15kg in that time, its turns out that has become 58kg at this stage. I don't do the gym, the only exercise I do is walk, the key is changing your lifestyle, knowing if you do, things will change."

"The Man Shake gives me an easy and healthy start to the day, no need to prepare anything, just drink it and breakfast is sorted, it seems to keep my energy high, and keeps me going through to lunch. With two other meals a day, it's just about better choices, not the easy choices, and the results make the choices easier and easier."

"The great thing about the Man Shake is that it is one complete meal that is easy to take with you wherever you may be. If your away for few days, it's easy to take it with you, making the choice to eat the right thing easy, on the road or at home."

What an INCREDIBLE story from Scott and an inspiring future to losing weight that he has. It's all about taking the first step and changing your lifestyle for the better guys. Get on board and don't ever look back. Your body will thank you later just like Scott!