Scott Dropped A Large 14 Before The Big 40.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:6 November 2018 

Scott Davey, 39 Gold Coast QLD

The Big 4 - 0 

The main reason behind my weight loss journey was the fact I'd be turning 40 and recently I had noticed that the day to day things I used to do with ease where becoming harder and harder. I wasn’t sleeping as well as I used to and I just generally felt tired and lethargic. I had crept up to the 113kg, and that was the trigger for me to change.


Getting Started
The biggest roadblock was my work-life balance, just finding time to create a routine that I could stick to was very hard. I tried to lose weight around 18 months with a diet change and training but lost interest mainly due to work commitments. But when I saw a work colleague getting great results with The Man Shakes, I decided to give it go.

The Grass Is Always Greener.

I have lost a total of 14.2kgs in only 8 weeks. Losing the weight has made a massive difference to my life. I have much more energy I feel more switched on in my body and mind. I’m sleeping better and look forward to taking on the day especially doing my exercise in the afternoon.

 I won’t lie; the comments from friends and family on how good I look puts a spring in my step!

The Man Shake is so convenient to make, fits into my day easily, and the best bit is, as a previous big eater, I never feel hungry. All the flavours are great, but my favourite is caramel. 

 "I recommend The Man Shake because it works and it's easy!!"

The convenience of the shakes is the biggest win; it just makes meals so easy to plan out through the week, even with my busy work routine which involves a lot of travel. I'm always traveling between Dealerships in Tweed, Lismore, and Ballina.

I love the fact that after being strict all week I can still enjoy a cheat meal and a couple of beers on the weekend. My partner has been on The Lady Shakes for around four weeks, and she has lost about 4kgs we both love the product.