Rob had 11 reasons to change for the better and he did!

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:11 December 2018 

Rob Wolfe, I'm 48 years old from Umina Beach, NSW. 


Why I need to change.

In 1999 I suffered a serious back injury, I had very limited movement for 6mths & gained over 30kgs. I had surgery a few years later allowed me to become mostly pain-free & more active but I have carried that extra weight since. In September this year, I had a health scare. I began experiencing regular chest pains. Drs told me my weight was as a big contributing factor and if I didn’t make some changes, I was at risk of serious health issues.


"That was the kick up the bum I needed to get motivated."


Getting Started 

I always thought I lived an active lifestyle as my job is quite physical. I coach a number of footy teams but what I didn’t realize was that most of my “activity” was standing around, giving instructions.

I’d tried changing my eating habits before but always fell off the wagon. I found most exercises too much of a strain for my back, so gave up. I just couldn’t get motivated to find the time to work out what would help me.

My working day starts at 3 am. I wasn’t eating breakfast, lunch was midmorning by the time I got home in the early afternoon, I was snacking on crap. Throw in footy training and committee meetings, I was living on takeaway.


I started my Manshake journey at 102kgs. I have lost 23kgs so far, weighing 79kgs.


Getting The Right Tools.

I had seen The Man Shake advertised on social media as well as regular media. Footy is a big part of my life and I really admire Adam McDougall and what he is doing. The Man Shake's approach to “regular blokes” really appealed to me.

The Manshake made getting in regular meals easy. Prepping a shake at 3 am is quick and easy. I can pack a shake or Man Bar in the time it takes the kids to grab their boots.


"I have 11 kids. That’s 11 reasons right there for me to get healthy & stay there."


The Road Ahead.
Since losing weight I feel invigorated. I sleep better, I have more energy for the kids. I’m now the coach who joins in at training instead of just giving instructions. I just feel so much better.
The convenience of The Man Shake is life-changing and the main reason I recommend it is a simple, no fuss way to get healthy. I think they are delicious too often mix my flavours together. I have 2 Man Shakes a day with a healthy dinner & snacks. I will keep using it because it just fits in so well with my busy schedule.
"My advice would be to just start. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."