Ramsey didn't want to end up like his dad so he lost 35kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:20 February 2019 

Ramsey Skelly, 36 years old from the Gold Coast.

How I got here.

I was always a fit, athletic kid and ate relatively healthy. I was a rugby league and union player and had a huge caloric intake. But as most football players do, I made the mistake of eating the same amount of food when I stopped playing. I still went to the gym and did weight training, but couldn’t lose weight.


My father told me his kidneys were shutting down and he was losing his toe, as a result of his diabetes. This was the point I made the decision to change my life. I made the choice to see a dietitian and a surgeon about my obesity. I have a loving wife and 3 children who are my responsibility.


"I owe it to my family to get healthy and live a long life."


Getting started 

I had tried every diet known to man, even tried prescription medications. You lose a little but then pile it all back on and this was not how I would lose it and keep it off.  

My biggest roadblock was controlling my portion sizes. I produced a lot of the hormone which is responsible for making us hungry, So I always felt hungry. The surgery I had done removed most of the glands in my stomach and the portion control was far easier to manage.  

A mate of mine who was a long time user of the Man Shake said to have a try of one of his bags he had. I really enjoyed the vanilla flavour which was odd because I don’t like vanilla anything. 


So far I have lost a total of 35kg using The Man Shake.


The Road Ahead.

Since losing the weight, I’ve noticed my libido is much higher, I feel lighter on my feet, and I have loads more energy.  One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is my confidence is much better. I feel comfortable in my own skin again. 


A single serving of the Man Shake provided me with every vitamin and mineral I needed in one easy meal. I took it to work 3 times a day. The surgeon and dietitian suggested a VLCD shake as the meal replacement but when I said I wanted to use The Man Shake, they asked for the nutritional chart. They were very surprised that The Man Shake has better numbers than their preferred meal replacement option.

Why does it work?

It’s affordable, it actually tastes really nice, and has other options such as the man bar which I have tried and the Ready to Drink shake. It is easy to store 2 servings in Man Shaker. 

I still use The Man Shake today even though I’ve lost 35kg. It’s the fastest option when I’m out and I have no food on hand. Rather than buy a bag of chips I just have a Man Bar or a quick shake. 

If you want to lose some unwanted weight then this is the way to do it. Follow the meal plan or tweak it to suit your dietary requirements. Try the different
flavours to see which best suits your pallet.

Mix it up, don’t let getting healthy get boring. And if you don’t mind a beer or two, then this is for you.