Paul dropped 35kg to find a new him

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:27 April 2018 

Paul James Young, 56, Craigieburn 

Total weight loss - 35 Kilos 


I spent a few years where I could hardly walk, was on multiple painkillers and live in general was not fun.

Had a total knee replacement and around the same time, my wife saw a post for Manshake. My wife was also very heavy (bigger than me) and she had been trying and failing diets for years so went and had weight loss surgery.

It got her started and then she has now lost over 50 kilos. Anyway she likes the gym, but I don’t, rather just do my own thing so walking and doing the exercises watching the Manshake videos were ideal for me.

I was aiming for 20 kilos but ended up losing 35kg in 9 months. I feel great now, Just being able to go shopping not stop in pain and exhaustion, work in the garden and so much more.

Now that I have lost the weight it has improved my life and me.

 I was getting so withdrawn and depressed when I was bigger 


The Man Shake is very easy to use. Water, mix, shake and drink. Done and dusted in a few minutes


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