Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:24 January 2017 

Here is another great story from one of our Man Shake customers who has managed to shed an amazing 25kgs and transform his life in ways he didn't think was possible!

"I started my Man Shake journey in July. I started at 130kgs and honestly I was starting to really get down and depressed with myself. It was a real mental struggle too."


"Now, just into my 7th month on the diet, I can safely I got my smile back and all the hard work has paid off! I've managed to drop down to 105kg's and looking down the barrel at being under 100kg's for the first time in over 10 years!!"


"I'm now running 5-6kms every second day and the ongoing issues I had with my knees/ankles are gone, I am pain free and tackling my first, uninterrupted preseason for football for the first time in many years."


"All I can say is thank you very much The Man Shake! You truely have turned my life around for the better!!"


Great work Nicholas, you are an inspiration and should be very proud of your achievements, we definitely are!