Nic made the right choices and lost 9.6kg right where he needed too!

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:2 November 2018 


Nic Sacco, 35 Montmorency Vic

Not like the good old days.

I’ve always been pretty healthy, active and enjoyed playing sport ie Aussie rules etc. However, time catches up with you when you hit your early to mid 30’s and your priorities naturally shift when you have a family and work life etc.

My health was taking a back seat to everything else in my life and before I knew it I was 15 - 20kgs heavier than I’d ever been.

I needed to lose weight not only for my personal health but also to enable me to get back into the things I enjoyed doing like sports and family activities etc. which simply weren’t options I could consider carrying the extra weight that I was. As a result of my lifestyle, working full time and day-to-day family responsibilities, naturally my eating habits weren’t great and needed to change dramatically.

I’ve tried a number of ‘fad’ diets and true to form they were short lived and not really sustainable long term. Whereby some were good for weight loss they lacked the convenience I required and to be honest I didn’t have a great deal of faith, however, the man shake definitely has changed my perception. 



How I Did It

I’ve been using The Man Shake for the past 7-8 weeks and I’ve lost 9.6kgs of body fat mass in total. I did this in conjunction with an 8-week challenge with the help of Body Constructions.  I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help of the manshake.  

During the challenge, I was substituting both breakfast and lunches Monday to Friday with The Manshake and not only did it comfortably suppress my appetite but it also tastes great which was a real surprise  ( some other products on the market taste terrible and are a real choir to get down )
The Man Shake is SO easy. I didn't feel like having the shakes disrupted my daily life at all. I could still enjoy time out with work colleagues and friends, I could still go out with my wife for dinners. 

The Grass Is Always Greener

These days I simply feel great! My energy levels have increased and not only can I now play competitive sports again and enjoy social activities with friends/ family but I’m also back in control of my body and motivated to continue on this path.
Living a busy lifestyle there was ample opportunity for me to make excuses as to why I was in the physical state that I was and avoid having to make the required changes to get back into shape. The Man Shake provided a ‘no fuss’ meal supplement solution which enabled me to get into a simple daily routine and the weight loss took care of itself. It really was that easy
If you’re like I was and stuck in a mindset whereby you lack the motivation to make a change The Man Shake is a simple and easy way to see quick results and fast track your path to getting back into shape.