Nathan Lost The Weight & Got Healthy For His Children

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:20 December 2018 

Nathan Brown, 40 years old from Jimboomba, QLD. Lost 22kgs.

Why I needed to change.

The turning point came when I had some routine tests done at the GP and found that both my cholesterol and blood pressure were very high. I had also found myself always getting sick and feeling lethargic and generally 'unwell'. With a beautiful wife and three small children, I thought "if I don't do something serious about my health, I am not going to be around for my girls." ... and that scared me.

I thought "if I don't do something serious about my health, I am not going to be around for my girls."

Getting started 

I discovered the Man Shake through advertisements on Facebook and decided to check it out one day.

What other methods had you tried to lose weight before turning to The Man Shake?  
I have tried many methods in the past to lose weight like Miso soup, green tea and other over the counter meal replacement shakes. After comparing the nutritional info on these products though, I quickly discovered how high in sugar some other products were, and I immediately switched to the Man Shake... and I haven't looked back!

My starting weight was 100kg, now 78kg.

Getting The Right Tools.

Since losing the weight, I have more energy, motivation and confidence. I am sleeping better, and my blood pressure and cholesterol have come back down. I can run up a flight of stairs and keep up with the kids without puffing, and I have treated myself to a new wardrobe 2-3 sizes smaller!

The Road Ahead.

I still have a few more kilos to lose however once I do I will continue using the Man Shake and Man Bars to help maintain my weight and for the convenience of a healthy meal on the go.

If someone is out there thinking about starting what would you say to them to motivate them?
For anyone considering starting their Man Shake journey, I would say -

"Stop making excuses and do it. You have nothing to lose but the weight and everything else to gain."