Date Posted:12 April 2017 

"Around the end of last year I bought a set of scales as I knew I had put on some weight and the reaction I got from my kids, and also how I felt in myself. When I weighed in at 96.5 kg’s triggered something inside which told me I had to start doing something."

"I quit smoking cigarettes earlier in the year which I knew had contributed to my weight gain but I think for the most part it was due to the lack of restraint I had when eating and also limited exercise. 2017 was the year I turned 40, April 9th to be exact, and I wanted to turn things around before it got too out of hand so in early January i started looking at different options for diet and exercise and this is when I found The Man Shake."

"I set my own personal 12 week challenge and wanted to see what I could do by the time I hit 40 and as it turns out I have lost 12.5 kg’s to date! What appealed to me with The Man Shake was just how easy it was to fit into my lifestyle. I looked at Adam’s suggested meal plans and chose the one that worked for me then it was just a matter of sticking to the schedule, and not over indulging, along with 3 x 45 minutes sessions of cardio each week."

"What it made me realise is how little  actually needed to eat to provide the energy for day to day life, exercise etc and still feel good. For me now this is a new start. I have heaps more energy, feel better about the way I look and my new found energy is rubbing off on the kids too. I even heard them talking between each other about running around the block every afternoon and playing other sports to get fit."

"Now who can complain about that! Even though I have reached my goals I intend to continue using The Man Shake and Man Bar products to maintain my weight as it is just so easy and I find that having a set schedule helps keep me from going off the rails and it doesn’t put too much of a hole in the back pocket! Thanks Man Shake."