Date Posted:15 June 2017 

"I found the key to unlock everything was The Man Shake and the CHANGING my training from mostly cardio to mostly weight training and boom .. It began. My whole focus became not about the scales but all about SHAPE change. The only numbers I cared about was my clothes sizes...."

"So I started this latest attempt in March 2017 and was 117kgs on the knocker after losing 6kgs on the TMS at the end of last year, then stacking it back on again after Christmas when I become de motivated at the slow rate of loss."

"Then I read about men after 40 and testosterone levels and that weight training was the key not cardio ..... Adam of course talks about this in the book but for whatever reason in the first try I just pressed on with the treadmill.
The lowest I got down too was after 2 months ... that was 106.9 kg, a 36 waist and XXL shirts. Over the last month I've climbed to 108.6 (this morning) but my waist is down to a 34inch and I'm into XL shirts that are only tight around my chest and shoulders and not my belly, and only because of the muscle growth ! No more man boobs."

"I travel ALOT and took my Man Shake and blender with me, although its still be inconsistent at times. I've used the principles of the book, and changed the training and BOOM ... My functional fitness is awesome, I'm no longer tired by 4 o'clock, my confidence is up and my beautiful fiancée is now training with me and seeing results too!"