Matt Wanted To Show His Kids The Right Way To Be Healthy.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:2 July 2019 

Matt Wood, 39, Emu Plains NSW


How I Got Here


I was always a bit 'chubby' growing up. That changed when I got into the outdoors when I was young (Scouts, Venturers) and then did it as a profession (taking people abseiling/mt biking/canoeing/bushwalking, working at outdoor camps for kids, etc) for around 5 years. I felt I was pretty fit/looked good, but now realise that was down to the exercise I was getting doing in the job.

Things change and I got out of the outdoor industry and eventually ended up in an office job. I basically kept up my same eating habits as my previous active job and slowly put on a few kgs here and there. I was traveling a fair bit for work in terms of day to day from out west (Emu Plains) into the North Sydney, so this definitely helped enable unhealthy lifestyle choices.

I would go through periods of taking up jogging, doing a small push up/sit up routine, but it didn't seem to make a huge difference. To be honest I was uneducated on the value/role that nutrition plays in your overall health, losing weight or getting fit.

I found that if I didn't see results in something I was doing, I'd just give up.


Getting Started.


I was sick of seeing myself in photos where I was looking chubbier, and I found I was avoiding certain social gatherings as I didn't feel comfortable. I also began to feel conscious of the clothes I was wearing. Shirts I thought I looked 'ok' in, I realised I was starting to dress like an 'old man' in loose clothing trying to cover it up.

At this point, I had been on The Man Shake for a while, and I was hoping for it to be the golden ticket to losing some weight, but again, I was using it on top of my usual diet so I wasn't seeing any results.

I got truly serious shortly after the birth of my third child (approximately two years ago), when I got the flu. It was the first time I could remember where I truly couldn't get out of bed for three days.

So I thought that is it, I'm approaching 40, I am going to do something here to sort this out. It was literally like a switch, and I haven't looked back.


To date, I have lost 12kg using The Man Shake


Why I needed to change.

I needed to change for my wife and kids. It's important to show them the importance of a healthy lifestyle as I progress with losing weight, and now I am about training and building lean muscle alongside eating clean and enjoying those foods, with the odd treat to show I am not so serious.

We model a healthy lifestyle to our kids by taking an hour a day to go for a run or do a weight routine at home, showing the kids that mum and dad invest time in themselves and their health.

Their engagement with it has been great. They ask questions on new foods we try, they are hammering us for more water from the fridge, or they're wanting some fruit. We even get them in the kitchen cooking. It's funny when they come home from school and talk about other kids lunch boxes, or they have learned some healthy lessons in class, and they tell us they already knew it from us. We feel proud we are back on the right track with them.

We even family meal plan, then take them shopping, getting them involved with why we eat certain foods while other foods we have as a treat.

We're not 100% strict on eating clean, the kids still have their take away, chips and chocs, but they know it's a treat.


The Road Ahead.


My biggest roadblock was just pulling the trigger. I just needed to stop making excuses (work, kids, = time), and develop the habit. Once the good habit of training and eating right is there, you feel like crap if you don't do it every day.

At the end of the day, it's not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be walking around shredded. But the manshake makes it easy. You spend less thought on food prep because you know you are getting what you need in your body for overall health.

Now I just feel good; good to go out, go to the beach, wear singlet tops, run around with kids, not avoiding catching up with people you know have always been lean, healthy, fit. My Biggest difference is confidence - at home, at work, at social events.

Now, I use the manshake as a protein shake of sorts. I use it around my training as it's easy to track my macros, and make sure I am getting the protein I need.

I have considered leaving it and going to a true stand-alone protein shake, but with all the other good stuff (e.g. vits and mins) in the shake I think its stupid to do so. I now just eat a fair bit more (given my training) and use the shake post workout, and also at night in my Greek Yogurt to flavor it and get/finish off my protein for the day before bed.