Matt lost 25kg for his beautiful Fiance and wedding photos

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:17 May 2018 

Hello, I'm Matt Featherston, I'm 31 years old from Geelong. I've lost 25kg over the last nine months, and because of the Man Shake, I've been able to keep it off.

I started the man shake because one day I jumped on a set of scales that could actually weigh me and I was in shock how heavy I was! The weight had really crept up on me.

Since losing the weight, I have joined the gym and started to exercise regularly. I feel 1000 times better now, and getting my life back. I can live it to it's fullest!

I'm really stoked about what I have achieved so far, and the goal is to lose another 25- 30 kgs. 

At the end of the year, I'm marrying my beautiful fiance, and it's important to me to look my best for her and our wedding photos. 


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