Luke loses 3 belt sizes and 20kg!

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:29 June 2017 

I am 34 years old from Toowoomba QLD. So far I have lost 20kg's in 4 months and gone down 3 belt holes. I started using the man shake for two reasons, I have a young family & I want to be around for a long time yet, and I have a pilots license and a passion for flying, and at the last medical examination the medical board questioned my weight. Time to do something. I have previously tried Jenny Craig (extremely expensive) Herbalife and Lite n Easy, which both left me absolutely starving. I have been feeling more energetic and have been experiencing much better quality sleep. I would highly recommend The Manshake as it is highly cost effective, takes no time to prepare & best of all I can still have a few amber ales!