Date Posted:5 August 2016 

Here is Matt's story.

"I have been on The Man Shake for 5 weeks and have lost 18.2 kg. I started at 160kg now weigh 141.8kg my goal is 120kg. I have always had a battle with weight and my size since my teenage years.
"I decided to started The Man Shake one day when I thought I need to do somethings with my fitness and weight to set a good example for my daughter and my soon to arrive 2nd daughter. I don't want to be that dad that sits back and watch their kids running and riding in the park I want to be right there with them enjoying them growing up and setting a great example of a healthy active life and also to be a fitter husband. It also just hit me one day I thought I need to do something for myself health wise and stop with the fad diets that I never stuck with. 
"I would highly recommend The Man Shake to other people it's great. All the products taste great and you are able to vary when you have your shake through the day to accommodate being out and about on the weekends. And it allows for the treat night which I leave for Saturday date nights with my wife.
"Since losing the weight I feel healthier I'm able to do more things and feel heaps better for it. In the last week I have joined the gym and I am loving the workouts I'm doing, I find the longer I stick to the man shake the more determined I am to stick with it and not cheat myself by having something I shouldn't. My family are so happy with my progress so far; I do have along way to go but it's only a drop in the pond compared to the benefits I am getting in the long run I don't see it as a diet I'm calling it my lifestyle change."

Stories like Matt's are why Adam started The Man Shake in the first place. It's never too late to start living the best life you can for yourself and your family.