Date Posted:31 May 2017 

"After a trip to Bali last year I looked at pictures that my wife had taken of me in the pool and was shocked at how bad I had looked, I was bloated and looked tired and stressed and that was DURING my holidays!"

"I said enough was enough and after seeing the man challenge advertised in a magazine I decided to give it a go. I've completed three challenges now and lost the weight at a very healthy and steady pace. I absolutely love all the products that the man challenge has to offer, the workouts, motivational talks, meal plans and the whole philosophy of it and guess what IT BLOODY WORKS!"

"I am 15 kilos down, (92 down to 77) dropped 4.5 inches off my waist and all my bloods are in perfect range.  I'm sleeping better and feeling the best I've felt since I was a teenager. (I'm now 35!)"

"I've told soooo many people about it and will continue to do so, it has changed my whole outlook on health, nutrition and fitness and it's things that I will take onboard with me from here on in."

"Keep up the great work Adam and the rest of the team!"