Mark is down 37kg and just getting started

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:16 January 2018 


Hey Guys my name is Mark, I' m 30 years old from Diamond Beach NSW.

I have lost 34 kgs so far going from 197kg to 163 kgs.

I started the man shake because nothing else had worked for me so i decided to try it and its great.

The biggest difference losing weight has made is i’m out playing sport with friends again and im alot happier as a person as i can now go exercise outdoors .

To guys just starting out my advice would be to try the man shake give it go you never know if something will work for you unless you try it .

i'm feeling great my goal weight is 100 but i've set little ones the way next goal is 150.

its only the beginning of my weight loss journey thanks man shake team.

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