Marco struggled as a Shift worker but found his inspiration to change

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:8 February 2018 

 Inspiration to start was my son Luca,  


Meet Marco,39 

Starting Weight - 156kg  Current Weight - 88kg

Total weight lost - 68kg


I wanted to be able to run around and play with him without being in pain and out of breath allthe time.

My wife was only 28 when she lost her Mum and I didn't want my son being without a Dad at a young age,

if I kept going that's what would've happened.


I was always dealing with high blood pressure, my joints would give me a lot of grief and my back would just lock up when I walked.


I have a 20 minute walk from the carpark to my work site and

I would have to stop one or two times on the way to sit down and take pressure off my back,

guys that were 20 years older than me would walk past me,

I am the youngest guy there and I was the slowest getting in to work...I hated it.


What I like about the shakes is they really fill me up, being a shift worker

and being on call I sometimes have about half an hour to get prepared for work and you can't get a meal prepped at the last minute,

so the shakes are a great alternative and definitely satisfying and I like the chocolate and vanilla flavours.


I usually go to the gym very early in the mornings straight after night shift,

so I find having a shake at breakfast is a good option for me because I don't feel heavy or bloated to get in to bed.



The advice I would give to any blokes is that you just have to bite the bullet and start today, don't say tomorrow, do it today.

The first couple of weeks is definitely the hardest,

but once you start seeing changes and feeling better you will be hooked and you can be your own motivation.


 Set small goals, realistic goals,

each time you achieve one there is no better feeling and that will give you the push you need to keep going.

I have never felt more in control of my own life and taking control of my health and wellbeing has given me that strength.


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