Date Posted:25 May 2017 

Be the best dad you can be by being full of energy and healthy like Lou who turned back the clock - check out his story below -

"It all began back at Christmas last year when I was unhappy with my weight, struggling to keep up with my kids and generally unfit. I have always been relatively fit and active but I was finding I was working longer hours, my time was taken up with the kids activities and I had less and less time to eat healthy and exercise."

"Weighing in at 84.5kg at Christmas, I knew something had to change. So I began eating healthy and I cut out the alcohol and soft drinks in order to lose some weight. It got to February and I had lost 5.5kg but was struggling to tone up and shift the last bit of weight especially around the gut. Enter the Man Challenge. I figured I didn't have anything to lose other than 10 minutes per day. I was already eating healthy and I was hoping this would help me to take it to the next level."

"I got into a routine and began doing the 10 minute exercises plus the extra workouts every morning before work. I never missed a day and I made sure I made myself accountable by checking into the website every day. The food plans were great and what was even better were the shakes and motivational videos through the challenge."

"From the start of the 10 week program to the end I lost 4.6kg and finished with a total weight of 74.4kg which I haven't not weighed since high school - 18 years ago. Not only that, I lost 4 inches off my waist and toned up across my whole body. So from Christmas to the end of the challenge, I had lost 10.1kg!"

"I am so much happier, everyone has noticed my weight loss and most importantly, I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and I can keep up with my kids. I will continue with the exercise and healthy eating and I really can't wait for the next challenge in June which I have already signed up for. Thanks Adam and team for your great program."

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