Lance was stuck in a spiral but took charge and decided to change.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:17 December 2018 

Lance Spina, 38 years old from Brisbane, QLD. 


Why I needed to change.

Due to a marriage breakdown and work stress, I felt like I was stuck in groundhog day and I spiraled into a deep depression. That's when the weight piled on.  

I need to be healthy for my two beautiful daughters and now that I'm a single man I felt unattractive carrying all that extra weight. My confidence was at an all-time low.


"I had a very bad mental state. I had depression for years and was in a dark hole. ."


Getting Started 

I have tried every weight loss program available and they all left me feeling hungry and miserable. At the start of this year, I decided that enough was enough I needed to change my life.


My starting weight was 134kg, now 112kg.


Getting The Right Tools.

When the weight started to drop off and people noticed it was a great feeling.  The biggest difference is how old clothes fit on me. I've noticed that I am much fitter at touch football each week and I can run a lot longer and keep up with quicker guys.


The Man Shake fit into my daily life so easily. I don't consume anything other than coffee before 10 am, then a manshake for breakfast. Then a tin of tuna and piece of fruit around 12:30-1. Then another shake around 3:30. Then another tin of tuna and fruit before gym or touch footy.

It is easy to do and they fill you up completely and you don't feel like you are missing out at all.


The Road Ahead.

I am definitely going to continue because they work and I enjoy them. I am not at my goal yet so plenty more shakes to come.
If you are thinking of starting, then you are already halfway there. Just start today. Don't say next week, do it today. The ordering process is easy and turns up in a few days.

"The Man Shake works and they are honestly the best-tasting shakes on the market."