Date Posted:5 June 2017 

"The day I realised something had to change was the last time I donated blood. I weighed in at 141kg. I was eating too much in general, but also way too much bad food."


"My exercise had virtually stopped. My partner Melina bought me the One Month Supply pack and I haven't looked back. Since starting The MAN Shake I almost exclusively have a shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a lot healthier options for dinner. My snacks have become better too."


"A piece of fruit or a small tin of tuna keeps me going till the next meal. I'm now down to 127kg, a loss of 14kg. And I feel a whole lot fitter. I can play a full 40 minutes of basketball. And last weekend I played 2 games of Masters of Rugby League. I recommend The MAN Shake to anyone looking to drop a few kilos or just feel better."