Jono was told by doctors if he didn't lose weight he could die in his sleep.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:3 April 2018 


Jono Maloney, Aberdare NSW, Aged 34

Sleep studies showed i had severe sleep apnea and was told by doctors if i didint lose weight i could die in my sleep. I work in an industry with sometimes ridiculous amount of hours so i needed an alternative option for quick, easy meals to replace the takeaway food options.
Hence trying The Man Shake  after seeing so much of it on TV and liking the results people were getting.
I was sick of being lethargic all the time and wanted to be able to do more with my family. After losing the weight i have rid myself of sleep apnea completely and feeling much more energetic and happy.  At the same time i decided to do some training to be able to have a try at Triathlon.
I have been able to progress through various distances, improve my level of competitiveness and am now focused on completing the Half Ironman distance at the Ironman Oceania Race in Port Macquarie in May 2018.
Initally i wanted to lose 20kg but ended up losing just over 22kg.
I feel great. The Man Shake has allowed my to sustain a balanced lifestyle while maintaining the ability to have the odd few beers and cheat meals with family and friends. I know even when im struggling for time i can rely on the Man Shake for a quick, healthy, filling meal to keep me going.
Being told i could possibly die in my sleep because of my weight  at the age of 32 was quite confronting.
It scared the s**t out of me. Now i have been able to improve my health to a point where i can feel happier, be more active with my family and friends and also continue to grow in ability with my triathlon racing, i cant imagine ever going back.
Im 100% focused on a healthy body and mind moving forward into the rest of my life. 
I always have access to The Man Shake at home and at work. It gives me a quick easy option for a healthy meal and can be prepared in less than a minute. It allows me to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially when time is short. However i often choose to have a Man Shake any time of the day or week.