Date Posted:17 January 2017 

Looking for motivation to get healthier, check out Jonathon who lost an incredible 17kgs on both our Man Shakes and Man Challenge programs! He looks and feels better and is more confident now the weight has been shed.

"I just did one round of the Man Challenge, and finished that in Sep. I lost 10kg during the challenge itself, then kept up with the healthy food, man shakes and exercise and lost 7kg more by the end of the year, even enjoying all the Christmas food."

"The follow up motivational posts from the Facebook page helped keep things on track. I even had a work colleague comment on the fact that unlike most people I hadn't put any weight on over Christmas!"

Good work Jonathon you are an inspiration to other Aussie blokes trying to change their life for the better get on the right track.

Take the first step and become the healthier version of you on our next Man Challenge starting 20th of Feb. Remember if you spend $299 or more on Man Shake products you will receive the Challenge for free!

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