John shook off 23kg that he had been carrying around.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:2 September 2018 

John Rowe, 67 years young, Brisbane.  
I have always had good health, and obviously enjoyed food and drinks more than I should.  I started to think about the extra weight I was carrying, and at my age it was time to do something about it.
I have been on the Man Shake since the start of this year after it was bought for me as a Christmas Present by my partner who had heard about how good this product was.
 I was 122.8kgs when I started in January, and presently 99.7kgs.
Once I started to lose the weight, the better I started to feel and the more energy I found.  My exercising had dropped off over the years, but now I am back to doing quite a lot of walking and have joined an organized running/walking group.
I am on this shake purely for my own health benefit, and seeing results is a bonus and it is so good when people start commenting about how I look.
I had tried just changing my eating habits before the shake, but to no avail.  
From my experience, I would recommend this shake to anyone who is keen to lose weight, as you will not be disappointed with your increased energy levels.  I would advise starting exercise such as walking as much as possible for it to help with the diet general health.
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