Jeremy made the changes he needed and lost 18kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:21 December 2017 

My name is Jeremy Barren I'm 42 from Colac, Victoria

I have lost 18kgs since end of August 2017
After being diagnosed with very high blood pressure at the end of August, my GP told me I needed to lose weight. 
 Without realising I had stacked on the weight  and I realised I needed to make changes to my lifestyle. 
Since losing the weight my blood pressure is back within a normal range. 
I am exercising like I have never done before, where I am now being able to work at a much higher intensity, for longer. 
Mentally I feel like a different person.  I am more confident and happy within myself, and people around me have witnessed the change in such a positive way.
 The greatest thing about the Manshake is the simplicity of routine.  I have the Manshake for breakfast and afternoon tea, and follow the basic meal plans provided by Manshake. Mentally there weren't the high brickwalls to climb to make the required weight loss changes.
The whole family is also enjoying the Manshake recipes for dinner.  
Basically I have had to change very little to experience massive results.
 Finally, my journey is only starting.  
It is about consolidating my results, and striving to maintain the momentum that I have started. 
I know I can do it!