Jason had a plan and made it happen.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:20 February 2018 

Hey guys I'm Jason McPhee from Berkeley near Wollongong and I’m 34.
I lost 9.6kg over a 12 week period using the man shake and an *exercise program.
I had tried other shakes before and seen an add for The Man Shake and that it was lower in sugar than my previous one so thought I would give it a try. 
I was aiming to lose 12kg over the 12 week program but it didn’t worry me I only reached 9.6kg as the changes in my health far out weight the disappointment of not reaching my goal.
  I’m feeling much healthier and fitter. 
I'm looking forward to continuing my journey after our new addition to the family has settled in.
With a 5 year old an now a new born it is important for me to be fit and healthy as I’m always on the go.
The Man Shake was an great option for breakfast and lunches at work with your shaker making it easy to prepare.
I really enjoyed mixing the banana and chocolate to make a choc/banana shake.