Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:6 November 2017 

Jarryd smashed his final goals with The Man Shake

Growing up I played high-level basketball which included state level, Travelling to the AIS for a few weeks to train, touring overseas.
I stopped playing basketball to focus on my other ambitions and obviously with the amount of training I was previously doing stopping that whilst eating the same amount I gained weight quickly I was around 100kgs when I finished basketball, 2 years after that I was at my heaviest at 137kgs. 
I was unhappy and needed a change. Going from high-level basketball to not even be able to complete simple tasks was depressing and I know something needed to be done. I tried a few gyms and meal plans and ultimately couldn't stick to them as i was just not motivated to do so this happened for close to two years.
Finally, a mate of mine and who had the same problem found a diet that worked for him so I gave it ago.
It included eating minimal while completing as much cardio as you could a day. I found myself completing the food aspect and running 4-5k a day, With the frame I had the stress it put on my body was ridiculious and after getting down to 110kg I started having back problems due to the excessive amount of running and my weight loss had started to plateau (6 weeks in).
So keeping up this food plan and this exercise whilst studying at university and traveling 4 hours a day was unsustainable. That's where I saw the man shake and thought what could I lose. I needed something that I didn't have to think about or had to put massive hours into but ultimately could achieve my goals. I decided to do it because it looked easy to maintain and had proven results.
I found the man shake to be really easy and fit perfectly into my routine as the shakes were easy and the exercise was simple and short enough to easily fit into my day.
7 weeks into the shakes I was able to lose the other 25kgs which took my total to around 50kgs and since then I have stayed on the shakes and been able to maintain my weight easily and happily. 
Still, to this day, i am using the man shakes for breakfast and lunch as i leave the house most morning at 530am and get back around 8pm so I need something that is easily transportable and something you can take everywhere with me.
Also the mos important thing is finding something that satisfies me not only with hungry but nutrients and does not have me thinking about food all day but lets me focus on the important things. It makes nutrition easy and I don't have to think about it anymore which has made my life easier but also happier. 
I couldn't have kept the weight off without the man shake I am ecstatic I found it. 
Really the only advice i could give people and as cliche as it sounds is to not leave it until the next Monday or the first day of the month.
But to start as soon as possible.
The sooner you start and put the hard work in the sooner you will be finished and can enjoy life.
In saying this as long as you follow the man shake you won't need to put your life on hold as it is so simple to do.
I can now enjoy life as a healthy adult who doesn't feel out of place or the big guy in the room.
There are things that out there that do work and you don't always have to be that big guy. I am proof of that.