Jamie found a way to make it work for him and lost 14kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:16 November 2018 

Jamie Ford 40yo (As of yesterday!) Narangba, QLD.



How I Got Here.


I was involved in professional sport from the age of 14 through to around 23 in both Sailing and Cycling – competing internationally in both. Sometime around 23 I contracted Glandular Fever and spent the following 3 months battling some massive illnesses including Shingles and Pneumonia. I was deathly ill. During this time I stacked on weight.  I was originally around 75kg but ballooned out to around 118kg where I have fluctuated around for many years.  


Last year I lost a very close friend to an unexpected heart attack. Only weeks later my father also had a heart attack. Watching him laying on a bed terrified in the Cardiac Unit of the Gold Coast hospital was a defining moment in my life. When I left the room I cried for 30 minutes straight (yes men cry). Thankfully he lived, but I knew right there and then that something had to change.


Where do I start?

I have tried almost every fad diet known to mankind.


Most work in the short term, I have even tried shake based diets before. But they all have terrible support systems in place to help guide you from the diet into everyday life. Plus most of them still have very high sugar contents which firstly is bad due to obvious reasons, but it also didn’t help my sugar & chocolate cravings.


But by far the biggest problem is there focus on the short-term weight loss only. I’m sure this happens to most people on these diets, they lose weight – try and fumble their way back into some type of normal food routine and fail miserably. The Man Shake seems to be very different indeed in their approach to general health.



Since Starting The Man Shake & 30 Day challenge I have lost 14.5kg and on my way to another 10-15kg at the current rate.


On My Own Journey. 

Now that I've lost some weight the biggest difference for me to be honest for me is at work.  I feel much more alert and motivated. I don’t feel as run down at the end of the day.  Even mentally there seem to be massive improvements. From remembering things, through to being more positive in general. Then once home i'm the changes are noticed by my family.  Again I come home more refreshed and alive.


On the days off, I look forward to our family adventures and the kids are loving every second of it!


The toughest part was 100% mental for me. I would come up with a thousand excuses. Everything from too busy through to my biggest excuse of “I had something bad this morning, I’ll start tomorrow!” I am a super competitive person. So for me, the best way I found to get over them is to create small, short-term and achievable goals or challenges.  These can be as small as having a good breakfast or shake. 


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The Road Ahead. 


Being an ex-sportsman, I realize the benefit of training.  Not of the physical type (although that’s important) I mean more of training the mind into how to look after yourself.  What to eat when, and what not too. Also how best to handle unhealthy food. It’s inevitable and it shouldn’t be looked at as the end of the world. That’s where I used to fail, and give up. It’s perfectly fine, you just need to know what to do next.


I used to use time as an excuse at work. I work full time in a high-level corporate job with long crazy fast-paced days – add to this a growing international family business and 3 kids. I am VERY time orientated.  The shakes are great!  Takes 2 minutes to have breakfast, and even at work if I know I’m going to have a crazy day I will throw a Man Shake pre-made bottle into the fridge along with a Manbar. Too easy!


It just bloody works!!! It’s simple, easy, quick and tastes bloody amazing.


There are amazing support networks in place, including social. You don’t feel like you are doing this alone, which is a big thing. It’s a champion product, created by a champion bloke that will give you champion results! Just go ahead and do it!