Jai decided enough was enough with his weight gain.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:11 April 2019 

Jai Pearce, 42 years old from Cranebrook, NSW.

How I Got Here

I have always been an active person, playing soccer in the winter and cricket in the summer, and I've always enjoyed a beer. 5 years ago, I made a positive life decision and quit smoking. I turned to junk food to beat the cravings and the weight began to pile on.

"I wanted to be able to play with my children without sitting down every 5 minutes puffing and panting."

One morning, it took me three breaths to tie my laces and thought, "enough is enough", so my wife and I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. She suggested I give The Man Shake a try.

Getting Started

I was always the type to say my diet and exercise starts next week but always delaying it. I have tried diets in the past, but I'd just lose interest because I would never achieve any weight loss. 

After I mastered the art of making a shake (no lumps), I found The Man Shake suits my fast-paced lifestyle, especially with work. I found I was feeling less sluggish and tired at work than when I used to eat other stuff, and I was really enjoying my new experience.

The biggest roadblock for me was thinking I was going to miss out on things I really enjoy like cooking a BBQ with a beer, but I've found that The Man Shake still allows me to do that.

"Very little effort goes into it, it just required a little dedication."

And after I started seeing the results, it was an easy choice to commit to it. I feel really happy when someone gives me a compliment about my progress.

So far, I have lost 14kg thanks to the man shake in just 15 weeks.

The Road Ahead

Since starting my weight loss journey, I feel great. I love the feeling of looking down and not seeing a belly. I don't have to breathe in when I'm in public anymore, and shirts I've owned for years are finally fitting!

I have The Man Shake six days a week for breakfast and lunch. I love the Caramel flavour, but lately I have been mixing 1 scoop of Chocolate with 1 scoop of Banana. Outstanding Breakfast. I have no plans of changing in the future.

I snack on predominantly fruit and veggies since I've cut out chips and bread, and I now have The Man Bar to try.

I have recommended The Man Shake to both my brother and my best mate, and to anyone else who asks me what I'm doing.

When people do ask my weight loss goals, I say that my only goal is to keeping pushing so that my wife and I can maintain a strong, healthy lifestyle.

If someone is out there thinking about starting what would you say to motivate them?

‚ÄčGive it a go. It's delicious and the results WILL come.