Jack is a young guy who shook off 27kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:5 March 2018 

 I found a new smile on slightly smaller face. 
My name is Jack Blyth, and I'm a 20 year old bloke from Newcastle.  I have lost around 27kgs in the space of around 3 months
Adam came into my Dad's work and spoke to the team, and gave out free samples.
I had gained a fair bit of a guy since I started living on campus, and dad gave me some man shake and i took it from there.
 Once I started I never looked back. 
I was sitting at 116kg, and honestly just wanted to get back to the double digit mark. Ended up getting down to 89kgs, was stoked.
 I've got so much more energy and I just feel fresh. My mood improved and there was a new found smile on slightly smaller face 
 When I think of health, I think of increasing your longevity. Increasing your lifespan,
and getting to enjoy things you couldn't when you had that extra weight hanging off you.
I found it was such a simple and effective meal, just fill up the cup, two scoops of powder and you're out the door.
Was fantastic for me living at uni, being able to take my Man Shake into lectures.