It Was Time For Benny To Be A Role Model, So He Stepped Up

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:1 July 2019 

Benny Stewart, 32, from Majorca Victoria.


How I Got Here

After quitting smoking 5 years ago I started packing on the kilos eating junk food and lots of it. I always had an active job, being a carpenter by trade, so exercise wasn’t a huge issue but my diet was out of control.


I decided I had to do something when a Facebook memory showed a picture of me holding my youngest son. With a new daughter on the way, I dreaded the newborn photos knowing I’d put on even more weight since then.


I had to do something, that’s when I saw The Man Shake on Facebook and some of my friends that I trusted liked the page so I thought why not. It changed my life.


Getting Started



Previously I had tried intense bursts of exercise or diets that were basically just not eating, but nothing really stuck. I think the hardest thing for me is not snacking on bad foods during the evening watching shows with my wife, it takes some serious willpower. That being said, you can lean on the guys in the facebook group for support and tips. 


I never used to eat breakfast. I would buy a fast food lunch on the road and eat a huge meal for tea with dessert and treats while watching tv of a night. These days, I wake up early and do some exercise, have a shake for breakfast, followed by a healthy lunch, snack for afternoon tea, and a shake for tea. 


I think, for me, being at a healthy weight has helped me have more energy to do things around the house and with my kids. 


I feel energized and want to be more active, I’m no longer tired all the time. 



To date, I have lost 20kg in roughly 11 weeks using The Man Shake.


The Road Ahead


The Man Shake forced me to reevaluate my choices and helped me get three decent meals a day. As someone on the road a lot, having an option to cancel the takeaway fast food lunch has been critical in helping me achieve my goals.


It’s important for me, not only to be at a better weight, but to get there in a sustainable way and stay there. I need to show my kids how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Once I get down to my ultimate goal weight I will be sticking with a minimum shake a day for probably the rest of my life. At least getting a shake in for breakfast or lunch.


The hints and tips sent via email and on the Facebook page have really accelerated my weight loss.


It’s hard work overall but if you follow the plans sent out by the team at manshake you will hit your goals. 


Jump on "Man Shake Men" on Facebook and meet some of the most supportive people in the same situation as you.