Date Posted:19 September 2016 

Here's another great story of the Man Shake changing the life of another Aussie guy that had almost given up on losing weight!

"I’m Glenn from Ipswich, I'm 35 and I have lost 22 kgs. I started using the Man Shake just 14 weeks ago after seeing it on Facebook and I thought I'm going to give it a go because everything else has failed."

"I was sick of feeling bloated exhausted and tired all the time, and not fitting in to any of the clothes that I loved. I had tried other shakes before, tried other different diets and all had failed. Since I started loosing weight I have had more energy, I'm more positive and love going to the gym."

"I am getting lots of positive feedback from family and friends and I'm loving being able to buy clothes now that look good, not just fit. I have gone from 3-4XL shirts to just XL now and 42-44 inch pants to size 36. I have a lot of friends who are now trying the Man/Lady Shake after seeing my amazing change."

"I have the shakes for breakfast and lunch they taste great and I'm never hungry. I have also reduced my sugar intake and started to make better choices about food and serving sizes. I've joined the gym and go at least 5 times a week as I have so much energy again. I would and have recommended the Man Shake to anyone who needs a kick start and who really needs a product that really does work."

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