Garry was totally blown away that he lost 32kgs

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:25 May 2018 

Hi, I am Garry from Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I have been on the Man Shake for Nine months and totally blown away that I lost 32kgs.

In July 2014 I suffered a workplace injury and sustained three vertebrae compression fractures. Not working combined with being sedentary, poor food choices, depression (due to the injury) and of course, a beer or six saw me stack on about 40kgs. 

Sticking to a diet has always been a struggle for me and now it's not because of the Man Shake!! 

What is more impressive is that the weight loss has been with minimal exercise. Since losing the weight, my energy levels have increased, I am sleeping better and loving the fresh healthy food I am eating.

It can be hard to change bad habits for us blokes but trust'me it's easier than you think. Within a few days of using the Man Shake, the sugar cravings disappeared and I am never hungry even though I have reduced my meal sizes. 

I will be a long-term user as I know that for once something is helping me to get my life back to where I want it to be. 

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