Donald used work as an excuse but made changes and lost 15kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:30 January 2019 

Donald Marshall, 43 yrs old Mount Annan, NSW

Why I needed to change.

Being a crane operator I basically sit on my butt all day in the cabin of a crane. No physical exercise, varied work hours from an 8 hour day up to 15 hours a day. Add on top of that an hours travel each way to and from work and the everyday hassles of being a father to two young girls aged 3 and 5 I had no time nor drive to be healthy in any way.

Due to my work hours, it was easier for me to buy takeaway food on a daily basis and if I’m, to be honest, it was always quicker cheaper and easier to go for the unhealthy option such as fried food or the fast food chains.


 "I used work as an excuse not to be a healthier me."

Getting started 

I’m early September my 3-year-old daughter wanted to cuddle me on the lounge and when she snuggled in she looked at me and said daddy your belly is too big. I can’t cuddle you. From that moment I knew I had to do something and so I did.

I have tried losing weight in other ways such as joining a Weightloss program with diet and exercise and had also previously tried the man shake a few years prior but didn’t have the real want for it to work and so it failed.


Getting The Right Tools.

The man shake was perfect for me to reset my eating habits so to speak. I followed the program strictly. Man shake for breakfast, for morning tea I’d have a piece of fruit or tuna and tomato, lunch was another man shake then the man bar for afternoon tea.

I’d switch it up somedays and swap morning tea and afternoon tea around but the shake stayed true. The shake itself was tasty. It took a while to get used to it but it became part of my daily routine. I also enjoyed the fact I sat down to dinner with my wife and kids. It was always meat and veg. No carbs as in pasta potato etc.


So far I have lost a total of 15.3kg. From 108.8kg down to 93.5kg using the man shake.


The Road Ahead.

I began this journey in late September, I got my eating habits set and then added exercise to my daily routine. Slow to start but now it’s easy and I’m feeling and looking great. I look back on it now and I realized I’m the reason I got so big.


"I’m the reason I was unhealthy."


I blamed work, home life, being a father and everything else for my weight and laziness but in the end, it was all me. Now, a little over 4 months on and I’m feeling great. I sleep better at night, I don’t make excuses.

Even with my sometimes horrible work hours I still make a healthy lunch every day, I work out 5-6 days a week and not just for 10 minutes. I do a minimum of 30 mins cardio as in walking, running, treadmill, cross trainer and 30 minutes of strength work. Weights, body weight exercises such as lunges, push ups, sit ups, calf raises etc. this is now part of my life.

I’ll always have the manshake and or the man bar in my pantry as an added meal or snack. It’s very quick and easy for those long days where I can’t take the time making a healthier option but I know this, an unhealthy option is no longer an option. I say to anyone thinking of trying the manshake don’t go in half-assed.


"Commit yourself and do it right."


It’s hard, it’s not easy when you lived the lifestyle I was living but dig your heels in and go for it. The only person stopping it being a success is you. As they said in the manshake booklet it takes 28 days to break a habit. Put everything into it and you’ll see the changes.