Date Posted:28 November 2016 

Here is another great customer story from Don who changed his life using our Man Shakes and Man Challenge program, after watching Adam’s segment on the Footy Show.

"I was watching the footy show and saw the interview Adam did about the Man Challenge, I'll be honest that interview is why I joined as he said his best mate died at 44 left two kids and a wife…"

"I don't have kids but I have a wife and I want to stick around. My family are full of heart attacks, I have lost a lot of them from this and I didn't want to be one or at least try not to be one."

"I have been over weight most of my life and a few years ago I watched a man die at work and got PTSD, I was depressed and I put on weight. I was in active for about 6 years but since I started the Man Challenge I have lost weight and got my confidence back. My life is a lot happier."

"I did The Man Shake with the Man Challenge and they go hand in hand together. The best things that my wife and I both like is the meal plans for each day and the shopping list for the week, then you just eat what it says and I love that it gives you a couple of options for each meal just in case you don't like one of them."

"My wife also lost 4kgs while eating healthy with me even though she wasn’t on the program or didn't need to lose weight."

"I have reduced my beer intake daily but am still thoroughly enjoying still having my beers daily."

"It's hard to put it into words what this has done for me, it has changed my health and really has changed my life, thank you."

You can change your life for the better too! It's never too late to start, try our programs and help motivate yourself today.