Dominic was ready to have a go and lost 20kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:19 October 2018 

Dominic Scibilia, 34 Gregory Hills


How Did I Get Here?

Coming from a typical Italiana family food is life and eating 2 plates of pasta and all the other delicious food that goes with it has always been a standard for me. Quitting smoking also made food taste ten times better. A few years back l hurt my back working so l had no choice than to work a non-physical office job.
 All the above helped me put in an extra 20kgs and l topped the scaled out at 120kg in no time at all
Getting Started
I have never dieted before so l thought if lm going to do this I'm going to do it right.  So I did a tonne of research before jumping into anything. 
A friend had suggested the man shake as her father was on it and was happy with his results. After watching all the youtube clips and studying the website everything looked so simple, effective and made so much sense so l gave the man shake a go.
Best decision l have made.
No Turning Back
Before starting The Man Shake I was 120kg. After 3 1/2 months, I have lost 20kg and still going.
The best part of losing weight is not feeling so lethargic and tired, l have so much more energy for all everything l need to do.
I recommend the man shake to anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight. You won't regret it

Thank you man shake for helping me in my weight loss journey. I still have another 10kgs to go and look forward to looking and feeling even better than l already do