Dean committed to losing 20kg before his 40th this year.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:27 May 2019 

Dean, 39, Geelong Victoria.


How I Got Here

I was always fit as a teenager, but I slowly started gaining weight in my mid-twenties. The more weight I gained, the harder it was to do things I enjoyed like playing sport. I am turning 40 in August, so in early January I decided I wanted to lose at least 20kg before turning 40. 


Getting Started

I have tried eating healthy before but found it too time-consuming and hard to sustain. I saw some advertisements for the Man Shake on the internet and heard about it on the radio and decided it was worth giving it a go.

I found the shakes so quick and easy. I have two shakers…one that stays home and I use for breakfast, and one that I take to work with me for lunches. I would often just skip meals and then overeat at night, but with the shakes so easy to have on hand, I would have my meals regularly and then I felt more in control at night over my eating.  I also have some of the man bars on hand for the odd extra snack that feels like a bit of a luxury.

My mindset was the biggest roadblock. I started watching inspiring videos (like David Goggins) and just started exercising a lot more. The Man Shakes gave me the right nutrition to support that extra effort and as the weight came off I became more and more motivated. 

What started as an attempt to lose 20kg has turned into losing 30kg and brings me much closer to my healthy weight range…I never believed I would ever get this far. 


Dean has lost 30kg in 15 weeks


"I recommend The Man Shake to all who ask about it. People are so shocked by my transformation and are keen to hear my secret." 


If Someone Is Out There Thinking Of Starting, What Would You Say To Them?

If you want a good quality of life, just do it! The older you get the harder it is to get in shape… there will be no better day to start than today.