David Knew That Starting A Family Meant He Had To Make A Change

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:26 June 2019 

David Chandler


How I Got Here

I was always traveling long distances for work, so it was just easier to eat whatever I could get my hands on. I was eating anything and everything.

It was getting that bad that sometimes I would eat 2 dinners with a Maccas meal for a snack. Not to mention late night snacks of chips.

Throughout the day I also drank lots of ice coffees and fizzy drinks, with little to no exercise...

After a while, people started noticing my weight increase. I had no idea that I was that big. I also noticed that I was getting puffed with minimal physical activity.

Once I got the news of my firstborn, I knew I had to start making some changes to be there for my family.


Getting Started

I first saw The Man Shake when Adam was on The Footy Show and decided to give it a go.

I would have a shake in the morning for brekky and occasionally have a Man fuel for morning tea. I started having healthier lunches then have a 3pm shake to fill me up till dinner.

The Man Bars I used as a pre-workout snack or if I was going to anything physical. I always looked forward to Friday nights as it was my cheat dinner. The Man shake was great If I was really hungry, as I would have a shake instead of snacking on junk food.

Packing pre-measured powder to mix when you are out in the bottom compartment of the shaker made it heaps easier. Just add cold water and drink. Rinse shaker after.


To date, I have lost 26kg using The Man Shake


The Road Ahead.


Now that I've lost some weight I'm nowhere near as tired anymore, and the best part is all the clothes in my cupboard actually fit me! It's a great feeling to look at clothes I use to wear that were tight and they're now are massive! I looked at some older photos and the difference in my face is amazing.

I've started changing my bad habits, and I've even started fitting in exercise. The biggest thing I've learned is choosing healthier meals, especially when eating out.

If anyone is thinking about losing some weight just give it a go. Just drinking a shake won't fix you, But it helps you to build a better lifestyle and habits. I feel better and I definitely look better.

Imagine beginning a diet that still lets you drink beer!