David drops down 2 shirt sizes and 30kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:2 January 2018 


David Taddeo, 26 years old, from Melbourne, Victoria.

when i started the man shake is was around the 140kg mark and now im down to the 110kg mark, id like to drop another 10kgs or so.

i started The Man Shake because i had tried dieting, training, and other shakes and nothing else could get the weigh off and keep it off.

i kept hearing about the Man Shake on the radio at work and thought that i had tried everything else why not give this a go. the biggest difference in my life as vain as it may sound is my waredrobe change, i was wearing a size 122cm waist and now im down to a size 102cm waist, i buy XL shirts and T-Shirts now instead of XXXL.

i feel fantastic, i can find nicer clothes that fit and my be look sharp and well presented, which is a confidence booster, especially for a single 26 year old bloke. im a commercial carpenter and i wear a tool belt and climb the stairs alot at work and i think to myself that there would be no way i would have been able to do this job 30kgs ago.

if i could give any advive it would be that weighloss in a mental game, drinking a shake of breakfast and lunch is the easy part.

its stopping yourself from buying junk food in between or going from the fridge to the couch 100 times a night.

It was difficult to train myself that just because food was infront of me didnt mean i had 2 eat it, it was a challenge mentally to sit there and think to myself that i used to easily eat a heaped dinner plate and go for seconds where as now i have cut the portion size to less than half of the first and only serve.

Have have cut down on my alcohol intake but 75-80%, i have cut out carbs, which was difficult for and italian bloke, cut out unneeded sugars like softdrinks, cordials, juices, lollies, chocolates, cakes etc.

look i will still enjoy myself here and there but i leave that for an occasion like a small bit of cake at a birthday etc. my hands down advice to men and women that want to shead the unwanted pounds is to jump online and search the man shake, create a login in account and order away it honestly is as simple as that.